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Boulder’s Valmont Bike Park Finally Opens

Valmont Bike Park Features 40 Acres of Riding

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Boulder's new Valmont Bike Park opened after 15 years in the planning. The 40-acre park is at Valmont and Airport roads. It has natural-surface riding area, many trails and structures for all skill levels – in including a toddler area.

The park is free and open to the public. The park is only one of a few certified by the International Cycling Union and considered unique.

It took many years for the idea for the park to be a reality. It has been through being shelved due to the economy and public support campaigns. Construction finally started in October 2009.

The park will be open all year. It has a special drain well and pack down so water won't impact trails. It is totally accessible by bike lanes.

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance helped Boulder Parks and Recreation raise donations totaling more than $500,000.

Locals hope the new Valmont Bike Park will get regional and national attention. However, the first and foremost goal is to be a place for families in the community.


Valmont Bike Park


Hours: Open every day from dawn till dusk

Size: 40 acres

Trails: 4 miles

Cost: nearly $1.26 million

Dirt jumps: 1,204 linear feet

Bike features and rideable elements: 53


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